Bayley Horne is a small comedy YouTuber from Perth, Western Australia. He runs the channel, ‘BayleyTSE’ where he produces funny yet thought provoking videos where he delves deep into interesting topics such as the Mandela Effect and How Pokemon Go Changed The World. He brings a unique personality to his videos which makes them super entertaining. He doesn’t have a set upload schedule, but instead focuses on quality over quantity. With each new video he uploads you can be assured of a good laugh and quality entertainment.

Funny Thought-Provoking Videos

Bayley’s videos are very funny but also really make you think. He dives deep into super interesting topics that will leave you up all night thinking about them. One of his best is the one he made about The Mandela Effect. He completely debunks the theory but it is really interesting to learn about it anyway.

Reaction Videos

Some of Bayley’s most popular videos are his reaction videos. In these videos he reacts to an event or sometimes other YouTube channels and provides humourous commentary and criticism. This video where he reacts to and reviews Eurovision 2017 received over 70,000 views!

BayleyTSE on The Small YouTuber Podcast

Bayley was the sixth small YouTuber to guest on the Small YouTuber Podcast. In this episode we talk about conspiracy theories and much more!

I am quite the conspiracy theorist, but Bayley is quite the opposite. Here’s a video from the show where I see if I can convince Bayley of a new conspiracy theory that I discovered involving Avril Lavigne and Nelson Mandela.

The full podcast episode is available for free on iTunes, Stitcher and Tunein Radio, OR you can listen to it on the website here.

My Favourite Videos From BayleyTSE

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