What Is The Small YouTuber Zone?

A platform that helps YouTube viewers find small content creators who are producing high-quality, enjoyable content to watch.

A Hub For Everything Small YouTube

The Small YouTuber Zone is a platform where YouTube viewers can find YouTubers who are producing high-quality content that is enjoyable to watch. It is also a platform that promotes small YouTubers who are producing awesome videos and deserve way more exposure.

This is a new project and is still a work in progress. We are starting with the launch of the Small YouTuber Podcast where we will introduce you to a new small YouTube creator every single week.

We have big plans for the future!

What Makes The Small YouTuber Zone Unique?

What is the biggest thing that sets the Small YouTuber Zone out from other small YouTuber related websites? Quality.

We don’t see any point in introducing you to small YouTube channels if they have terrible content. We only want to bring you the best that the Small YouTuber community has to offer.

No Sub 4 Sub. No low-quality content. 

In 2017, the small YouTuber community has been flooded with awful channels that their owners put zero effort into at all, then beg for views and subscribers. At the Small YouTuber Zone, we want to change this.

When you enter the Zone, you can be assured that you’ll only find amazing small YouTube channels that deserve your attention. That’s what makes us unique.


Founder of the Small YouTuber Zone

G’Day! My name is Dylan Swain and I am a small YouTuber from Australia. I started uploading videos to YouTube in 2011 and with just over 3,500 subscribers I know first-hand how hard it can be to get your videos out there.

I’ve also been getting pretty sick and tired of the crap that a lot of big YouTubers are posting these days. I wanted to find a way to easily discover small YouTube channels who are creating fresh, new and actually entertaining content. But as YouTube and other platforms prioritise channels with large audiences, it is so difficult to find these smaller channels.

So I decided to create my own platform, the Small YouTuber Zone. Here I will be featuring small YouTube creators who are making awesome content and deserve way more exposure.

By doing is I hope to help:

1. Small YouTubers get the attention they deserve

2. YouTube viewers who want to watch awesome content from smaller channels but don’t know how to find them

Dylan Swain

Dylan Swain

Founder of the Small YouTuber Zone

Are you a small YouTuber and want to be featured on the Small YouTuber Zone?