Becke Griggs

Becke Griggs is a small YouTuber and actress from Adelaide, Australia. She uploads funny vlogs, comedy skits and more on her YouTube channel on Sundays. She has just over 200 subscribers but honestly deserves 200,000 at least! She was also recently selected as one of the runner-up creators in VidCon’s ‘VidContest‘. Her video made it into the top 10 out of over 70 different entries! Her channel will actually make you laugh out loud so check it out, it’s good exercise!


Becke often vlogs her adventures including her recent trip to Vidcon 2017 in California and her exploration of caves in this video. She brings her hilarious personality to the vlogs making them super entertaining. I even feature in a few of them, see if you can spot me!

Comedy Skits

Becke also makes absolutely HILARIOUS comedy sketches! She has a series called ‘Bossy Becke’ where she makes comedy skits including ‘How To Go Swimming’ which seriously made me laugh way too hard!

Becke on The Small YouTuber Podcast

Becke appeared on the third episode of the Small YouTuber Podcast. In this episode, we talk about her first video and even try to get her an acting gig! Here’s a video from the show where I surprise Becke with an improv scenario to test her acting abilities. If she performs well, she may be able to get an acting job. If you’re a casting director…HIRE BECKE SHE’S AMAZING!

You can check out the entire podcast episode for free by clicking on the button below, or listen to it on your favourite podcast player – iTunes, Stitcher or TuneIn Radio.

My Favourite Videos From Becke’s YouTube Channel

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