Elijah Pysyk

Elijah Pysyk (Eli-Jah Piz-ick) is a small YouTuber from Los Angeles, CA who shares his weird and wacky experiences through hilarious animated story time videos. He also makes advice videos and does the occasional magic trick! Before he began creating animated videos, he made a range of different types of content including comedy skits, magic tricks, stand-up comedy and even released a couple of comedy albums on iTunes! Today he is focused on animation and uploads a new original video every single Wednesday on his YouTube channel. But if you’re looking for his magic related content, he still posts that to his Instagram account!

Animated Story Time Videos

Elijah currently makes funny animated story time videos where he tells hilarious, crazy stories from his life such as the time when he was held up at gun point when dropping an old lady home! I swear Elijah has the most interesting, crazy, messed up life with some of the stories that he tells! He lives quite the adventure that’s for sure.

Stand-Up Comedy

Elijah also does stand-up comedy and occasionally records some of his material and posts it to his YouTube channel. Some of his material will leave you laughing so hard that you can’t breathe. He truly is a man of many talents.

Elijah Pysyk on The Small YouTuber Podcast

Elijah Pysyk was the fourth small YouTuber to guest on the Small YouTuber Podcast.

In this episode we talk about the upcoming Elijah VS SourceFed lawsuit, how he predicted the Donald Trump US presidency and how huge YouTubers Swoozie and Jenna Marbles love his videos!

Here’s a video from the show where I challenge Elijah to a magic trick battle and I show you the super simple magic trick I’ve been practising for a whole 2 days.

The full podcast episode is available for free on iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn Radio OR you can listen to it on the website here for free.

My Favourite Videos From Elijah’s YouTube channel

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