Small YouTuber Facebook Group

Want an easy way to connect and interact with like-minded small YouTube creators?

Want to join a Facebook group that isn’t full of spam, sub 4 sub and other cancerous content?

The Small YouTuber Zone Facebook Group is an active and supportive community of small YouTubers with similar goals and values.

Why Should You Join The Group?

No Spam, Sub 4 Sub Or Self-Promotions

If you’ve joined a ‘Small YouTuber’ Facebook group before you would have quickly realised that they are nothing more than hubs for desperate people spamming links to their YouTube channels or latest videos as well as the frequent post about ‘Sub 4 Sub’ or ‘Like 4 Like’. If you’re sick to death of those spammy, unproductive groups then you aren’t alone.

But have no fear – the Small YouTuber Zone Facebook Group is here! We have a strict no Sub 4 Sub and no self-promoting. People who break these rules are promplty removed from the group which leaves only those interested in creating a beneficial community for all.

Valuable Advice From The Best In The Biz

Unlike other Facebook groups, our group has industry professionals who can provide invaluable advice that will be beneficial to you.

Professional Filmmakers

Frank & Manu have been working in the film industry for longer than I’ve been alive and have so many tips for creating better videos.

Founder of Morningfame

Nico knows more about YouTube analytics than anyone I know and has his own popular software – Morningfame.

YouTube Tech Tips

Rodney is a technology guru and teaches you all about the best camera gear & equipment for your YouTube  channel.

The Mechanics of YouTube

Winston is an expert at breaking down exactly how the YouTube algorithm works and how to use it to your advantage.

Meet & Collaborate With Other Similar Creators

With over 170 members in the group and rapidly growing, we have creators from all over the world and all types of niches. Whether you make comedy skits, beauty tutorials, song covers or gaming content – there are others just like you in the group! We’ve got everything from cosplay channels to Rubix Cube YouTubers.

If you’re looking for similar small creators to you – we’ve got them! And when you do collaborate with another memeber from the group we encourage you to share the finished product with the rest of the community meaning more exposure to the video!

Be Up To Date With YouTube Changes & Relevant Content

Our admins, moderators and members are regularly sharing relevant content that matters to you. Our members are the first to hear about changes to the YouTube platform such as the recent monitisation changes to smaller channels. We also share other interesting news when it breaks such as the announcement of Vine 2.0!

Other Opportunities

Are you interested in the Small YouTuber Podcast, the Small YouTuber Directory or other similar opportunities? Well due to the overwhelming demand these priveledges are limited to the memebers of the Small YouTuber Zone Facebook group.

Ready To Join The Family?

When you join our Facebook group you’ll soon realise it’s less of a group and more of a family.

We can’t wait to see you over there!