James is a small Australian YouTuber who runs the YouTube channel ‘Jamoefro’. He uploads extreme challenge videos, competitive eating and the occasional comedy skit/parody. His channel is unique in the fact that unlike other challenge based YouTubers, he will ‘Save your digestive system by attempting your challenges’. 90-95% of his challenge videos are submitted by his followers. So if you want to see James attempt your crazy challenge idea, just leave it in the comment section of his latest video on his YouTube channel! To learn more about James you can listen to the eighth episode of the Small YouTuber Podcast where the host Dylan Swain¬†asks him questions about his YouTube channel and they even attempt the raw onion challenge live on the podcast to see who is better at challenges (COMING THIS SUNDAY).



James’ channel focuses on YouTube challenges that he came up with himself or his followers requested in the comment section of his videos. He has attempted crazy challenges including the fan-submitted ‘eating boiled mountain dew’ and the popular YouTube challenge ‘Diet coke and mentos challenge’ which features Australian YouTuber, Dylan Swain.

Competitive Eating

James is also a competitive eater, inspired by other popular YouTubers such as Furious Pete. He recently entered his first hot dog eating competition which he posted to his YouTube channel. Prior to this event he posted a video where he was training for this competition.


Jimmy has also been known to produce the occasional parody video of popular YouTubers such as ‘How To Basic’ and ‘Marina Joyce’, and even parodying TV shows such as Better Homes and Gardens. His parodies are spot on and hilarious!

James on The Small YouTuber Podcast

James is featured on the 8th episode of the Small YouTuber Podcast.

In the episode, we attempt the raw onion challenge live on the show! The video of the raw onion challenge is available here.

The entire podcast episode is also available for free on iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn Radio OR you can listen to it on the website for free via the button below.

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