Jared Koons

Jared Koons is a small comedy YouTuber from Michigan in the United States. He started his YouTube channel in 2014 by making daily vlogs. Since then his content has shifted a lot to where he is now. Currently, he makes primarily reaction videos and comedy skits. He still does the occasional vlog though. He’s also collaborated with every small YouTuber ever! Well, at least it seems that way. His channel is hilarious! If you’re not sure what to start with, Jared recommends checking out his video ‘ATTACKED BY CAMERON DALLAS FANS’. You won’t be disappointed!

Comedy Skits

Jared makes hilarious comedy skits! He’s planning on doing more of these types of videos in the future with more cutaways. Here’s one of my favourite comedy skits from him where he extremely accurately sums up the most boring YouTube videos ever.

Reaction Videos

Jared often makes reaction videos where he watches a video and provides hilarious commentary. And don’t worry, his channel isn’t like all of those other terrible reaction channels where they just watch a video and provide no extra value to it at all. Jared provides more than just boring facial expressions, but rather intelligent and humorous commentary.


He started his YouTube channel doing daily vlogs. Although he has moved on to other types of content now, he still does the occasional vlog like this one where he found weed growing on a hiking trail!

Jared on The Small YouTuber Podcast

Jared is featured on the ninth episode of the Small YouTuber Podcast.

In the episode, we talk about tinder bios, tattoos and he even shares his biggest YouTube tip that he believes has lead to the success of his YouTube channel.

The entire podcast episode is also available for free on iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn Radio OR you can listen to it on the website for free via the button below.

My Favourite Videos From Jared Koons

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