Morningfame is currently invite only.

But because I’m nice, you can use my invite code. Just click the button below to get access to this amazing tool AND get the first month free (no credit card required)!

What is Morningfame?

Morningfame is the ultimate tool for small YouTubers looking to grow their YouTube channels. It integrates with YouTube analytics and from that data it provides actionable tips for maximising your YouTube growth.

There are just too many awesome features built into the tool to talk about here, so here are some of my favourite features:

My Favourite Features

Emails 24 Hours After You Publish A Video

One of the leading success factors of a YouTube video is how many views and engagement it receives in the first 24 hours.


The more views/engagement as soon as you upload a video, the better it performs overall.


Morningfame has a great feature where it will send you an email 24 hours after you upload a new YouTube video full of awesome statistics.


These statistics include the number of views and likes in the form of a graph and compares the performance of the video to your previous video.


As you can see in this example, my LG Drone Phone Review was the 1st most viewed and 1st most liked video of mine in the first 24 hours. The video then went on to be one of my most successful videos.


Also, if you didn’t know, YouTube analytics won’t show you this data in the first 24 hours! It won’t show you the data until your video has been uploaded for at least a couple of days (which is way too slow in my opinion).

Channel Comparison & Recommended Focus To Grow Your Channel

Another awesome feature that I use is the channel comparison tool. Essentially, Morningfame compares your channel data with 20 other YouTube channels that have a similar amount of subscribers to you. It then breaks down your compared performance into four categories:

  2. Watch Time
  3. Engagement
  4. Gaining Subscribers

Here is the channel comparison graph for my YouTube channel. As you can see, my views are on the green line meaning they are average when compared to other channels with a similar amount of subscribers. 

In the ‘Gaining Subscribers’ category, my channel is performing above average since it is above the green line. This means that my subscriber count is growing faster than other channels with a similar subscriber count.

However, my watch time is much lower than average and is the worst metric out of the four for my channel. Morningfame then gives me the option to ‘Enter The Workshop’ where it will show me how I can improve my watch time and ultimately improve my YouTube channel’s growth and success.

How Much Does Morningfame Cost?

Morningfame currently costs $4.90 per month USD. If you pay upfront for a year, it is a little bit cheaper, only $3.90 per month USD.

So essentially, you get all of these great YouTube analytics tools for about the cost of 1 cup of coffee per month. Cheap as chips! (Please excuse my weird Australian slang).

Also, if you use my invite link via the button below you will get the first month free!

Nico On The Small YouTuber Podcast

Nicolai Kamenzky is a small YouTuber, software developer and the founder of Morningfame. He is passionate about helping small YouTubers grow their channels.

I recently interviewed Nico on the Small YouTuber Podcast to learn more about the tool and how it can help video creators like myself.

He also provides actionable YouTube tips such as when is the best time to upload a YouTube video and how to improve video thumbnails.

You can listen to the full episode for free by clicking on the button below. It is also available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio and TuneIn Radio.