Robin Lewis

Robin Lewis is a small YouTuber from South Africa. Robin is a part of the maker community on YouTube and films himself building cool things on his channel. He started off knowing nothing about this kind of stuff, but has now built up a following of 22,000 YouTube subscribers and runs his own business selling the furniture that he builds. His channel isn’t the typical ‘How-to woodworking’ channel, but instead a channel that inspires you to get out and start making things.

How-To Woodwork Videos

Although Robin specifically states that his channel is NOT a how-to channel, he does make a number of cool how-to videos. In these videos he shows you how he made various woodwork projects such as a corner desk and a rustic wood mailbox. He also shows you how to do different woodwork related tasks such as how to flatten wood using a router and how to install a countertop.

Restoration Videos

Robin also makes videos in which he restores old items such as a rusty hatchet and old hammer. These are super interesting as he is able to take objects that most people would just throw out, and restore them to mint condition.

Robin Lewis on The Small YouTuber Podcast

Robin Lewis was the fifth small YouTuber to guest on the Small YouTuber Podcast. In this episode we talk about how his channel isn’t the typical ‘How-to woodworking’ channel, and I also get his professional opinion on a woodwork item that I built back in high school.

Here’s a video from the show where I show him three different woodwork items. One is the one I built, one was professionally made and one was built by my younger brother. I get him to rate them out of 10 to see who’s is better.

The full podcast episode is available for free on iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn Radio, OR you can listen to it on the website here.

My Favourite Videos From Robin Lewis

Robin Lewis 2

Robin also runs a second vlog channel where he vlogs about what he’s up to when he’s not making radical videos on his main channel. It’s super entertaining and definitely worth a watch.

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