001: Stolen Video Ideas, Claymation and The Next Eminem – The Caitie Diaries

In this first episode of the Small YouTuber Podcast, I talk to small Australian YouTuber Caitie Browne from ‘The Caitie Diaries’. Caitie has less than 1,000 subscribers but makes hilarious videos every single week on her channel including comedy skits, parodies, funny raps and more! She also runs a second YouTube channel, ‘The Caitie Vlogs’ where she makes extra content including challenges and assorted videos about her life.

In this episode, I ask Caitie:

  1. What was your first YouTube video and is it still up on your channel today? Is it embarrassing and how have you evolved as a creator since then?
  2. There are millions of channels on YouTube these days. What makes you stand out from the crowd and what is the unique selling point that you bring to your content?
  3. What’s next for your channel?

We also talk about my history of stealing her video ideas and how many people are calling her the next Eminem.

Links to the stuff we talked about in this episode:

Caite’s Main Channel

Caitie’s Vlog Channel

Caitie’s Reaction To My Stolen Video

Caitie ‘Eminem’ Browne’s Rap Video

If The Fonts Were People

Your Call Is Important To Us

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