In the 13th episode of the Small YouTuber Podcast, I talk to Sam and Ben from Banter Lab. They’re two friends who run a small YouTube channel and their own podcast but live over three hours away from each other. Their channel consists of an awesome mix of gaming and pop-culture related content.
In this episode I ask the boys from Banter Lab:
• What was your first YouTube video and is it embarrassing?
• How do you split up the responsibilities running a multi-person channel?
• What’s it like to run a channel together living so far away from each other and what are some of the challenges that come with a long distance YouTube channel?
• What makes your channel unique from other similar YouTube channels out there?
• What’s it like to have a podcast as well as a YouTube channel and do you think the podcast has helped grow your channel?
• Would you recommend podcasting to other small YouTubers?
• What’s your biggest YouTube tip that has helped you grow your channel?
• What’s next for your channel?
We also play a few rounds of ‘Would You Rather’ to give you a taste of what to expect when listening to their podcast, the Banter Lab CasualCast.
Want to be a special guest on the Banter Lab CasualCast? Send them an email at
Links to the things we talked about in the episode: