Alex Schmidt (Pug) On The Small YouTuber Podcast

Alex Schmidt is a small Australian YouTuber who began his channel 5 years ago by producing Call of Duty edits under the name ‘PugEdits’ which allowed him to build up a substantial following of almost 10,000 subscribers. In the last year however, Alex has moved away from video game edits, now focusing on IRL comedy. He now describes his channel as ‘A quality shitpost’. 

I Talk To Alex About:

• How he started his YouTube channel
• Dealing with hate comments and death threats
• His own podcast – The Arrogant Aussies Podcast (which I am now a co-host of)
• How to get on his podcast for a ‘Creator Chat’
• What it’s like to date and live with another YouTuber (Kara Bottrell)
• YouTubers who are his inspiration
• His biggest piece of advice for a new YouTuber starting today
• Becoming the ‘purple cow’ but also making searchable content
• What’s next for his YouTube channel
Links to everything we talked about in this episode: