Danny Hyde TV On The Small YouTuber Podcast

Danny Hyde is a small YouTuber and comedian from the UK who is making hilarious content on YouTube. Unfortunately, he is currently being sued for £10,000 by multi-millionaire Fergus Wilson, for some comments he made in a video back in early 2017. I believe the comments he made were completely justified (and hilarious) and I don’t think he deserves this at all.
If you want to help stand up for the little guy, free speech and just a downright top bloke, you can support Danny in his legal battle by donating to the crowdfunder campaign:
or just supporting his YouTube channel. Fergus is trying to censor Danny and ”bankrupt him if he can’t pay’ so he will be ‘snookered for the rest of his life”. This is ridiculous and if Fergus wins it will be a sad day for comedy and free speech in general.

I Talk To Danny About:

• His YouTube channel Danny Hyde TV

• His stand up comedy career

• How he has evolved as a YouTube creator

• The Danny Hyde VS Fergus Wilson lawsuit and whether or not he regrets his comments

• The future of the YouTube platform.

Links to everything we talked about in this episode: