Flow Error On The Small YouTuber Podcast

Thomas Orchard is a small Australian YouTuber from Albury NSW who is doing some awesome things and he’s only 17! He runs the YouTube channel Flow Error where he uploads cinematic vlogs and edits – he has some of the best editing skills I’ve ever seen!

I Talk To Thomas About:

• Thomas’ first parkour YouTube video and how much he’s grown as a creator since then

• How when I first met him I didn’t like him at all – scandalous!

• What it’s like to be a YouTuber in a small, rural town

• How he’s in an upcoming Australian movie, The BBQ

• What exactly ‘rooftopping’ is and how he got started

• What he thinks has been the biggest contributor to his success on the platform

• A killer YouTube hack!

• How to make money on YouTube in a different way to the traditional YouTube AdSense revenue

• How he stole his YouTube channel name

• How to make and sell merch and the costs involved

• How to start freelancing – video production, video editing, graphic design etc.

Links to everything we talked about in this episode: