007: VidCon Australia – What’s Your Favourite Thing About Being A Small YouTuber?

by | Sep 17, 2017 | Podcast

This very special episode of the Small YouTuber Podcast was recorded at the first ever VidCon Australia! It was such an awesome event and I got to meet so many amazing YouTube creators.

In this episode, I ask some fellow small YouTubers “What’s your favourite thing about being a small YouTube Creator?”

I loved making this episode because I was able to interview such a variety of different people who had a variety of different answers and it really highlights how awesome it is being a small YouTuber!

Small YouTubers I Talked To In This Episode:

King Mckay’s Channel

TwizzFizz’s Channel

Tas Swaggers’ Channel

Double Shot TV’s Channel

Jamoefro’s Channel

TheOfficialTalldeathmoTDM4’s Channel

NowhereNomad’s Channel

Georgia Mann’s Channel

Becke Griggs’ Channel

The Caitie Diaries’ Channel

Diet Coke and Mentos Challenge Collab With Jamoefro