008: Attempting The Raw Onion Challenge Live – Jamoefro

by | Oct 1, 2017 | Podcast

In the eighth episode of the Small YouTuber Podcast, I talk to a small Australian YouTuber and competitive eater, James from Jamoefro. James’ channel is based primarily on crazy challenge videos from spraying himself in the eyes with homemade pepper spray to eating boiled mountain dew! His channel is unique in the fact that unlike other challenge based YouTubers, he will ‘Save your digestive system by attempting your challenges’. 90-95% of his challenge videos are submitted by his followers.

In this episode, I ask James:

  1. What was your first YouTube video and is it still up on your channel today? Is it embarrassing and how have you evolved as a creator since then?
  2. There are millions of channels on YouTube these days. What makes you stand out from the crowd and what is the unique selling point that you bring to your content?
  3. What’s next for your channel?

We also attempt the raw onion challenge live on the podcast to find out who is the king of Australian challenge videos since I also make the occasional challenge video on my YouTube channel.


Links to the stuff we talked about in this episode:

Jamoefros’ YouTube channel

Diet Coke and Mentos Challenge feat. Dylan Swain

Homemade Pepper Spray Video

Eating Boiled Mountain Dew Challenge

How objects are related to humans video

Raw Onion Challenge Video Over On My YouTube Channel @ https://www.youtube.com/c/dylanswain

Video Content From The Episode