Small Animation Channels

These small animators are awesome! If you're looking for cool animation channels to watch, you've come to the right place!

Elijah Pysyk

Funny Animated Story Time Videos

Elijah Pysyk is a small YouTuber from Los Angeles, CA who shares his weird and wacky experiences through animated story time videos. His videos are so funny and he’s even collaborated with popular YouTuber sWooZie!

Panel Penguin

Animated Story Time Videos and Q&A’s

Panel Penguin is a small animator based in the US who loves to draw. She makes animated story time videos and even answers questions in animated Q&A videos! Both her drawings and her audio narration are super high-quality!


Animated Game Parodies & Original Sketches

On the TMJBtv YouTube channel you will find super high-quality animations! He creates animated video game parodies, game grumps animations and ocassionally original sketches. His pokemon parodies are hilarious!


Comedy and Animation Videos

Brandon is a small comedy YouTuber from the UK who has recently started producing animated videos. His hilarious personality and high production quality are an awesome mix! It’s a channel you definitely want to check out!

Swerve Animations

Funny Animated Story Time Videos

Jack is a small YouTube animator who tells funny stories through animation. His drawings are great and his narration is hilarious which makes an awesome mix and a super entertaining channel worth subscribing to!

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