Small Comedy YouTubers

These small YouTubers are absolutely hilarious! If you're in need of a laugh, you've come to the right place! From sketch comedy to comedic vlogs, funny animations to comedy raps these comedians have it all!

The Caitie Diaries

Comedy Skits + Funny Raps & Music Videos

Caitie Browne is a small YouTuber from Sydney, Australia. She runs two hilarious YouTube channels, The Caitie Diaries and The Caitie Vlogs. Both will crack you up!

Elijah Pysyk

Funny Animated Story Time Videos

Elijah Pysyk is a small YouTuber from Los Angeles, CA who shares his weird and wacky experiences through animated story time videos. He also does the occasional magic trick!

Becke Griggs

Comedy Skits & Vlogs

Becke Griggs is a small YouTuber and actress from Adelaide, Australia. Her personality and sense of humour will leave you hysterical! She makes comedy skits and vlogs her life.


Comedy Skits & Reaction Videos

Bayley Horne is a small Australian YouTube creator who makes funny yet thought-provoking videos. He discusses topics such as ‘The Mandela Effect’ and reacts to things like Eurovision. His videos will make you laugh but will keep you up at night thinking about the topics he discusses.

Jared Koons

Comedy Skits and Reaction Videos

Jared Koons is a small comedy YouTuber from the US. He has a hilarious personality that he brings to all of his videos. From roasting spam commenters to calling out cringey Instagram stories, Jared drops a new comedy video every single week on his YouTube channel.


Challenges and Comedy Skits

James is a small Australian YouTuber who runs the YouTube channel Jamoefro. His channel is mainly focused around challenges and competitve eating but he also does the occassional comedy skit too where he plays the bogan character ‘Lamb Chop’.


Comedy Videos, Callouts & Podcast

Alex Schmidt is a hilarious small YouTuber from Australia who runs the YouTube channel ‘Pug’, previously ‘PugEdits’. He produces comedy skits and funny callout videos where he exposes the weird side of YouTube, kickstarter and just life in general. He also has his own comedy podcast ‘Arrogant Aussies’.


Comedy Skits and Self-deprecating Jokes

Hannah is a small YouTuber from the United Kingdom who will crack you up, one self-deprecating joke at a time! She uploads a new comedy video every Friday! She has an awesome video style and sense of humour similar to that of Daniel Howell and is rapidly growing a very loyal following.


Sketch Comedy

Brooke is a hilarious small YouTuber from Australia who uploads 3 sketch comedy videos every single week on her channel! She plays multiple different characters including Brody and Breanna. Each video is a new weird and wacky adventure that you will not regret watching!


Satirical News Show – Controversy Corner

CrimsonStudios produce a new video twice a week, uploading every Tuesday and Friday. Their satirical news style show ‘Controversy Corner’ is both hilarious and well produced. The amount of effort that must go into each episode is enormous, you’ll know what I’m talking about when you check out some of their videos!

Dylan Swain

Comedy Skits, Challenges, Rants & Podcasts

If you’ve already checked out the other comedy YouTubers and need more stuff to watch, you can check out my channel. It’s got nothing on these guys but my mum likes it. I make comedy skits, challenges and other weird stuff! I also upload video highlights from the Small YouTuber Podcast on my channel too.

Peter Rossiter 

Comedy Skits & Challenges

Peter Rossiter is a small YouTuber from the United Kingdom. He kicked off his comedy career on Vine, racking up a substantial following. Today he makes longer form comedy skits and challenges on YouTube that are super entertaining. His videos are really random but hilarious at the same time.

Josh Bates

Comedy Skits, Challenges and Reaction Videos

Josh Bates is a small comedy YouTuber from the United Kingdom. He makes hilarious and relatable videos and is constantly uploading new, fresh content! He also does the occasional reaction video. Definitely worth a watch!

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