Small Gaming YouTubers

Do you love video games? Do you need some more gamers to watch on YouTube? These small gaming YouTubers are making amazing gaming related content!

Banter Lab

Gaming, Reviews & Podcast

Banter Lab is a gaming channel run by two Australian mates, Sam and Ben. They play games like FIFA and Overwatch and also run an awesome podcast called the ‘Casual Cast’ where they talk about all things pop-culture.


Entertaining Lets Play Videos

Although the gaming market has become saturated on YouTube, you won’t find another channel like ALLIEBEEMAC. Her channel is super fun and she does lets play videos of games such as The Walking Dead and Darkwood.

Critical Wit

Comedy Gamers

On The Critical Wit channel you’ll find hilarious gaming videos being uploaded super regularly. They play a whole bunch of games including Star Wars Battlefront and Smite but focus on making funny, entertaining content anyone can enjoy!


CSGO Funny Moments, Challenges and Dares

TranXify is an awesome gaming channel featuring everything CSGO and much, much more! He even tells his own life stories which are super entertaining! Check out TranXify for amazing gaming videos in full HD!


Battlefield 1 Gamer

Yugobaas is all about Battlefield 1 gameplay, highlights, and montages, all recorded in the ultrawide resolution of 3440x1440. He posts 2 to 3 videos a week to Youtube in his first series: Battlefield 1 minute snacks.


Funny Gaming YouTuber

RogueRazer is a funny gaming YouTuber from the UK who likes to rage and laugh like a psychopath! He is super dedicated posting daily content from GTA to COD and even hand draws every single one of his YouTube thumbnails! 

Two Much Games

Two Friends Playing Games

They are two friends that sit on a couch (a somewhat comfy one) and play video games! Games they play include Mario Kart, Zelda, Pokemon and more! Their channel is definitely worth checking out!


Funny Canadian Gamer

A small Canadian Youtuber making entertaining gaming content mainly from Roblox but also plays other games such as NBA 2K17. He posts 2 to 3 funny videos every single week to bring you a smile for the day!


US Gamer – Battlegrounds, Overwatch & More

TroubledC is a small gaming YouTuber from the US who doesn’t focus on only one game, so you can expect a large variety of content. From funny moments to simple game commentaries he always puts out something worth watching.


All Things Gaming – Especially Nintendo Content

Dowey is a small gamer from Western Australia. He partakes on adventures inspired by pop culture including vlogs, sketches, let’s plays etc. On his channel, you will find reviews, theories, previews, interviews with gamers, general banter and true blue Aussie humour!


Humorous Gaming Videos

On Trainable’s YouTube channel you’ll find hilarious gaming videos and other random bits of entertainment. He uploads every Wednesday and plays primarily Minecraft, but also other games such as Portal 2 and even vlogs as well! His editing skills are on point.

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