Small How-To Channels

Want to learn a new skill? These small how-to YouTubers are amazing at what they do! If you're looking to improve a certain aspect of your life, you've come to the right place!

Robin Lewis

How-To Woodwork and Building Channel

Robin Lewis is a small YouTuber from South Africa that builds things and films the process. Although he clearly states that his channel is NOT a ‘how-to’ channel, he does have several how-to videos that are super helpful and cool to watch! His videos will inspire you to get out and start making things.


How-To Grow a YouTube Channel

Nico runs the YouTube channel ‘Morningfame‘ where he shows you how to simplify your YouTube growth journey. On the channel, you’ll find helpful tutorials, live streams and even creator success stories from YouTubers who have seen awesome results on the platform. He uploads every Saturday.

Pull My Focus

How-To Filmmaking Channel

Manu and Frank from Pull My Focus teach you how to make better videos. This channel is perfect for beginner filmmakers and YouTube creators who want to improve their video production skills from scriptwriting to post-production. I have learnt so much from the channel and couldn’t recommend them enougH!

Regal Gentleman

How-To Gentleman’s Grooming

Josh and Liam from Regal Gentleman share tips and tricks about men’s grooming. They’ll teach you how to use beard products, how to get your favourite hair styles and more! They even run their own business, Regal Gentleman, selling all types of male grooming products!

Craft of Giving

Arts & Crafts + DIY Gift Giving Tutorials

Danrie is a small YouTuber living in Australia who loves to share the Craft of Giving with those who love and appreciate handmade gifts and other fun DIY projects. She teaches you to make awesome DIY things including an awesome Easter cheesecake and even napkin rings!

The Whiskey Dictionary

Reviews and Information About Whiskey

Want to know more about Whiskey? On the Whiskey Dictionary, you’ll find all kinds of Whiskey-related content from reviews to live streams. After watching this channel, you’ll learn what you should be looking for when nosing and tasting Whiskey from all around the world.


How-To Vet School

Bella is a small YouTuber and veterinary student who makes videos about how to get into and survive vet school. She also makes vlogs showing what a vet students’ life is like! Her goal is to help aspiring veterinarians make their dream of being a vet a reality!

Roman Ryder

Leadership and Personal Development

Roman Ryder is a coach, speaker, entrepreneur and small YouTuber who strives to teach others how to change their mindset and break through to the next level. He covers topics such as ‘confidence’, ‘finding purpose’ and ‘leadership’. His channel is definitely worth a watch!

Alan Spicer

YouTube Tips & Tricks

Alan Spicer is a small YouTuber from the UK who gives his audience amazingly helpful YouTube Tips, YouTube Tricks & YouTube Hacks to help YouTubers grow their channel. If you’re a small YouTuber and could use some help, this is the channel for you!

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