The Small YouTuber Podcast

What is the Small YouTuber Podcast?

The Small YouTuber Podcast is a weekly show hosted by Australian small YouTuber and founder of the Small YouTuber Zone, Dylan Swain. Each episode goes for about 20-40 minutes and features a different small YouTube creator who is making extremely high-quality and entertaining videos but doesn’t have a huge following yet. New episodes are released every single week on Sunday 12 PM AEST. On the show, Dylan asks the special guest questions related to their YouTube channel including:

1. What was your first YouTube video and is it still up on your channel today? Is it embarrassing and how have you evolved as a creator since then?

2. There are millions of channels on YouTube these days. What makes you stand out from the crowd and what is the unique selling point that you bring to your content?

3. What’s next for your channel?

Then Dylan delves deeper into an interesting aspect unique to that particular creator’s channel for an entertaining twist.

017: How One Small YouTuber Is Making Serious Money Without AdSense – Flow Error

Thomas Orchard is a small Australian YouTuber from Albury NSW who is doing some awesome things and he’s only 17! He runs the YouTube channel Flow Error where he uploads cinematic vlogs and edits – he has some of the best editing skills I’ve ever seen!

I talk to Thomas about how when I first met him I didn’t like him at all, what it’s like to be a YouTuber in a small, rural town, how he’s in an upcoming Australian movie, how to make and sell merch and so much more!


016: Small YouTuber Sued For £10,000 For Comments He Made In A YouTube Video – Danny Hyde TV

Danny Hyde is a small YouTuber and comedian from the UK who is making hilarious content on YouTube. Unfortunately, he is currently being sued for £10,000 by multi-millionaire Fergus Wilson, for some comments he made in a video back in early 2017. 

I talk to Danny about his YouTube channel, his stand up comedy career, how he has evolved as a YouTube creator, The Danny Hyde VS Fergus Wilson lawsuit & whether or not he regrets his comments and the future of the YouTube platform.


015: Dealing With Hate Comments & Dating Another YouTuber – Pug

In the 15th episode of the Small YouTuber Podcast, I talk Alex Schmidt (Pug). He’s been making YouTube videos for over 5 years now and has garnered almost 10,000 subscribers.

We talk about dealing with hate comments, what it’s like to date another YouTuber, his podcast and some mistakes to avoid that he has made on his YouTube channel over his long YouTube career.


014: Switching Up Your Content + Getting a Drone – Dutchy

In the 14th episode of the Small YouTuber Podcast, I talk to a small Australian YouTuber from Geelong, Dutchy. She has been making YouTube videos for years but only recently did her channel start growing rapidly. Today she shares her secrets to massive YouTube growth.

We talk about how she started her YouTube channel, how she’s recently changed her content style and we also talk drones. Dutchy has a DJI Mavic Pro and runs an Instagram account where she shares her awesome drone shots.


013: Starting a Podcast & Running a Long Distance YouTube Channel – Banter Lab

In the 13th episode of the Small YouTuber Podcast, I talk to Sam and Ben from Banter Lab. They’re two friends who run a small YouTube channel and their own podcast but live over three hours away from each other. Their channel consists of an awesome mix of gaming and pop-culture related content.
We also play a few rounds of ‘Would You Rather’ to give you a taste of what to expect when listening to their podcast, the Banter Lab CasualCast.

012: How To Simplify Your YouTube Analytics With One Awesome Tool – Morningfame

In the 12th episode of the Small YouTuber Podcast, I talk to Nico, the founder of the YouTube analytics tool Morningfame.

Nico is passionate about helping small YouTubers grow their YouTube channels and has his own channel where he shares tips & tricks to YouTube growth every week AND does a monthly live stream where he answers your questions and does channel critiques.

011: The Channel All YouTubers Need To Subscribe To – Pull My Focus

In the eleventh episode of the Small YouTuber Podcast, I talk to Frank and Manu from the YouTube channel Pull My Focus. On their channel, they teach YouTubers and filmmakers how to improve their filmmaking skills.

They’ve been making films for longer than I’ve been alive and are making super helpful videos that have helped me so much and will help you make better YouTube videos as well. They cover everything from video editing, scriptwriting, lighting, storyboarding – literally EVERYTHING!

010: Travelling The World And Hitting Apple Trees – Travelling K

In the tenth episode of the Small YouTuber Podcast, I talk to a small YouTuber from New Zealand, Karen Nisbet. Karen runs the travel based YouTube channel ‘Travelling K’. Karen is a solo female travelling in a caravan around New Zealand sharing travel tips and vlogging her adventures.

We talk about how she hit an apple tree, her trip around Western Australia and Karen also gives us a YouTube tip that she believes has helped her grow her audience to over 600 subscribers.

009: Tinder Bios, Tattoos and Tips for YouTubers – Jared Koons

In the ninth episode of the Small YouTuber Podcast, I talk to a small comedy YouTuber from Michigan in the United States, Jared Koons. Jared does a mix of comedy skits and funny reaction videos which are actually good. There are so many ‘reaction’ channels that add absolutely no value to the original video, but Jared actually provides entertaining commentary in his videos.

We talk about my amazing tinder photo and bio that I never got to use, the meaning behind Jared’s tattoos & my fake tattoo sleeve, and Jared also gives us a YouTube tip that he believes has helped him grow his audience to over 1,200 subscribers.


008: Attempting The Raw Onion Challenge Live – Jamoefro

In the eighth episode of the Small YouTuber Podcast, I talk to a small Australian YouTuber and competitive eater, James from Jamoefro. James’ channel is based primarily on crazy challenge videos from spraying himself in the eyes with homemade pepper spray to eating boiled mountain dew! 

We also attempt the raw onion challenge live on the podcast to find out who is the king of Australian challenge videos since I also make the occasional challenge video on my YouTube channel.


Episode 7: VidCon Australia – What’s Your Favourite Thing About Being A Small YouTuber?

This very special episode of the Small YouTuber Podcast was recorded at the first ever VidCon Australia! It was such an awesome event and I got to meet so many amazing YouTube creators. In this episode, I ask some fellow small YouTubers “What’s your favourite thing about being a small YouTube Creator?”

I loved making this episode because I was able to interview such a variety of different people who had a variety of different answers and it really highlights how awesome it is being a small YouTuber!

Episode 6: The New Conspiracy Theory That Will Blow Your Mind #MelissaMandela – BayleyTSE

In the sixth episode of the Small YouTuber Podcast, I talk to Bayley Horne, a small YouTuber from Australia who runs the comedy channel BayleyTSE. Bayley makes similar content to me, but his videos are actually good and worth watching! We dive deep into the rabbit hole talking about conspiracy theories. I am quite the conspiracy theorist, whereas Bayley is quite the opposite. So I try to convert him to the conspiracy theorist lifestyle by introducing him to a mind blowing theory that I recently discovered about Avril Lavigne and Nelson Mandela.

Episode 5: Judging My Terrible High School Woodwork Project- Robin Lewis

In the fifth episode of the Small YouTuber Podcast, I talk to Robin Lewis, a small YouTuber from South Africa. Robin is a part of the maker community on YouTube and films himself building cool things on his channel. He started off knowing nothing about this kind of stuff, but has now built up a following of 22,000 YouTube subscribers and runs his own business selling the furniture that he builds. We talk about how his channel isn’t the typical ‘How-to woodworking’ channel, and I also get his professional opinion on a woodwork item that I built back in high school.

Episode 4: SourceFed Lawsuit, Predicting Trump Presidency, Magic Trick Battle and more! – Elijah Pysyk

In the fourth episode of the Small YouTuber Podcast I talk to Elijah Pysyk, a small YouTuber from Los Angeles, CA who shares his weird and wacky experiences through animated story time videos. He also does the occasional magic trick! In this episode we talk about the upcoming Elijah VS SourceFed lawsuit, how he predicted the Donald Trump US presidency and how huge YouTubers Swoozie and Jenna Marbles love his videos!

Episode 3: Pulling Over A 9-Year-Old Driver – Becke Griggs

In the third episode of the Small YouTuber Podcast I talk to small Australian YouTuber and actress, Becke Griggs. On her channel she does ‘comedy, vlogs and compliments’. We talk about her first video and even try to get her an acting gig with a surprise improv scene!

Episode 2: Minimalism, Daily Vlogging And Who Is The Evil Twin? – TwinSauce

In the second episode of the Small YouTuber Podcast, I talk to Paul and Luke, two daily vloggers from the YouTube channel ‘TwinSauce’. We talk about minimalism, daily vlogging, their huge 500 video special episode, being twins and more!

Episode 1: Stolen Video Ideas, Claymation and The Next Eminem – The Caitie Diaries

In the first episode of the Small YouTuber Podcast, I talk to small Australian YouTuber Caitie Browne from ‘The Caitie Diaries’. Caitie has less than 1,000 subscribers but makes hilarious videos every single week on her channel including comedy skits, parodies, funny raps and more!

What Are People Saying About The Small YouTuber Podcast?

I’m really enjoying podcasts on YouTube at the moment because you find out so much info by watching them, it’s good to see the more ‘normal’ everyday side of YouTube personalities. Jamoefro

Small Australian YouTuber

I’ve listened to most, if not all episodes, and have discovered some awesome new YouTubers, which I’m now subscribed to and enjoying their content. As a small YouTuber myself, it’s been great to listen to others talk about their experiences on YouTube and just have some fun banter for half an hour.

Whether you’re a YouTuber or not, this is such an interesting podcast to listen to and I’m sure you’ll find some new YouTubers to watch!

Just Me Victoria

Small YouTuber & Blogger

I am so into the idea of this podcast! I’ll give it a listen for sure.

Small YouTube Creator

Love the idea Dyl, keen to tune into the podcast each week 🙂
The Cubinator

YouTube Viewer

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