The Caitie Diaries

Caitie Browne is a 20-year-old small YouTuber from Sydney, Australia. She uploads comedy skits, funny raps, parodies, original songs/music videos and more on her main YouTube channel, The Caitie Diaries, every Saturday at 10am AEST. She also runs a second YouTube channel, ‘The Caitie Vlogs’ where she makes extra content and assorted videos about her life. Her videos are hilarious and extremely high quality and she recently hit 2,000 subscribers on her main channel. To learn more about Caitie you can listen to the first episode of the Small YouTuber Podcast where the host Dylan Swain asks her questions about her YouTube channel and talks about being heavily inspired by her video content.

Comedy Skits

Caitie makes weekly comedy skits about relatable topics such as ‘When You Try To Eat Healthy’ and ‘When Your Parents Call You The Wrong Name’. They are super funny and her editing skills are on point. I honestly don’t know how she comes up with an original video idea every single week! And they’re always brilliant!


Caitie has also been known to produce the occasional parody of popular songs and movies including ‘Normal Activity: A Horror Parody’. They will definitely give you a good laugh!

Funny Raps

Caitie, or as she’s known in the rap scene, ‘C8ie 180’ also makes original, comedy rap videos including ‘The Home Alone Rap’. Some people have been calling her the next Eminem. Her raps are so good that one of them that she made for Vidcon’s ‘VidContest’ landed her a spot in the top 10 finalists! She’s that good!

Caitie on The Small YouTuber Podcast

Caitie was the first ever special guest on the Small YouTuber Podcast. Here’s a short video preview from the episode.

In the episode, we talk about claymation, Caitie’s rap career, how people have been calling her the next Eminem AND my history of stealing her video ideas of course!

The full podcast episode is available for free on iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn Radio OR you can listen to it on the website for free here.

Here is another video from episode 1 of the Small YouTuber Podcast where Caitie, AKA ‘C8IE 180’ made an amazing, original rap video exlusively for the show. It’s definitely worth a watch!

My Favourite Videos From Caitie’s YouTube Channel

The Caitie Vlogs


Caitie also runs a second channel, ‘The Caitie Vlogs’ where she makes an explosion of everything including bloopers from her main channel, behind the scenes, tags, other random videos and a new weekly vlog series called #APEEKATMYWEEK! Unlike some YouTuber’s second channels, this one actually has decent content and is worth subscribing to!

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