Travelling K

Karen Nisbet is a small YouTuber from New Zealand who travels around the country in a caravan. She not only vlogs her adventures capturing amazing sights on camera, but she also shows you exactly what its like to live in a caravan. Her channel is full of tips, tricks and tutorials for people living or wanting to learn more about this lifestyle.

Travel Vlogs

Karen loves to travel! Her channel is primarily based on travelling around the North and South islands of New Zealand but she has also vlogged in other places around the world including Australia, India, Chile and Argentina

Travel & Caravan Tips

Karen also shows you exactly what its like to live in a caravan and has made a wide range of tutorial style videos to help people living this lifestyle. From how to reverse a caravan to how to make caravan curtains, Karen has it all on her channel! 

Karen on The Small YouTuber Podcast

Karen is featured on the tenth episode of the Small YouTuber Podcast.

In the episode, we talk about how she started her YouTube channel, what locations are on her travel bucket list and she tells us the story of the time she reversed into an apple tree so they gave her the best parking spot in the caravan park!

The entire podcast episode is also available for free on iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn Radio OR you can listen to it on the website for free via the button below.

My Favourite Videos From Travelling K

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