Paul and Luke are daily vloggers from Kansas City, Missouri. On their YouTube channel they make awesome cinematic vlogs and have uploaded consistently for well over a year now with over 500 daily vlogs in a row! They’re avid coffee drinkers and are also minimalists which is pretty cool. Oh and did I mention they’re twins? 

Daily Vlogs

The TwinSauce twins film their adventures every single day and share them with the world. I was lucky enough to make an appearance in this episode and they let me do their iconic ‘Don’t die, k bye’ outro which is awesome!

Inspirational and Thought-Provoking Videos

TwinSauce also upload super deep and inspirational videos such as this one about time. It really makes you think. Although Paul doesn’t like making these types of videos, I personally love them!


Paul and Luke are also amazing dancers and often choreograph their own dance moves to popular songs such as 22 by Taylor Swift. The dancing and production quality is incredible!

TwinSauce on The Small YouTuber Podcast

Paul and Luke appeared on the second episode of the Small YouTuber Podcast. In this episode we talk about minimalism, daily vlogging and we also find out which one is the evil twin!

You can listen to the podcast episode by clicking on the button, and you can watch this exclusive video from the podcast where Paul and Luke teach me what minimalism is.

My Favourite Videos From TwinSauce

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